CardBoard Caskets – Low Cost Burial Option

Consider a cardboard casket—

Another low cost alternative gaining in popularity to consider is a cardboard casket. A simple cardboard casket can serve  well as a low cost alternative also known as a cremation case. Below are some providers to visit.

Cremation Products Inc. (formerly Frediani Cremation)
Gilroy, CA 95020
Brown cardboard cremation container, $20 (yep, and some funeral homes charge $125 for this!) plus freight, anywhere in the country.
Web site

Superior International Corporation
Cleveland, Ohio
Because of the oversize dimensions, these must be shipped by common carrier. They are sold in groups of 6 and 12 to meet the 100 lb. minimum weight requirement. Although the shipping ($100-150) will cost almost as much as the caskets, these would be a very affordable option for a church or hospice group to keep on hand considering that the cost per item is only about $25 to $50 including shipping.

  • white cardboard, parafin-lined, min. of 12—$18.50 each plus shipping
  • white cardboard, parafin-lined, half-board reinforcer, min. of 12—$19.50 each plus shipping
  • white cardboard, parafin-lined, full-board reinforcer, min. of 6—$34.50 each plus shipping

Affordable Viewing Cremation Casket
1386 N. Winchester Blvd.
San Jose, CA 95128
Corrugated fiberboard cremation casket with “wood look,” lined, for $385 shipped
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Look in to some alternatives early so you can make wise decisions later.


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