Biodegradable Funeral Products- the green burial council

Biodegradeable caskets

Biodegradeable caskets

The Funeral business is finally going green and more ecologically sound burial and funeral practices are being offered to us everyday. A leader in the field of biodegradable funeral products is green burial  they have great selection of green funeral products including biodegradable caskets and urns. The funeral business is plagued with the use of harmful embalming products and chemicals that have the potential to seep into the ground water and affect the living. The move toward a greener exit is something that will benefit us all and merits serious consideration when planning a funeral.  Check Out The for more info and to have a look at their products for a greener way to leave the planet. The offer bamboo and sea grass caskets as well as other green burial options. Look for more articles covering all the green funeral choices from in the near future.

Green Burial Grounds

The Green Burial Council also certifies four categories of cemeteries:

  1. Hybrid Burial Grounds
  2. Low-Impact Burial Grounds
  3. Natural Burial Grounds
  4. Conservation Burial Grounds

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  1. Marjorie Rose says:

    When a body is exhumed and the coffin opened everything is maintained inside the coffin. There is no seepage under the coffin from inside the coffin.
    I guess this is just another way to get someone’s money. Good Luck with that.

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