Leaving it to Charity- Money Well Spent

If you have been blessed with money in your life there is no better way , karmicly speaking, then to gift to charity as one of your last wishes. I won’t try to cover any specific charities in this post as there are so many worthy charities many entire websites have been dedicated to this exact purpose. Picking a charity, a group of people to help, is a very personal task. The realization that you can make a difference and be remembered for it is the focus of this post.

Money can change lives and every dollar counts. With new forms of micro lending  for people in developing counties, it now meansfinance-cash that even $100 can change lives for the better, there are many examples of this around the world. If you have no family, this is even more important to contemplate because the Government will seize your assets after you pass if you fail to specify any charitable donations you wish in your will. I suppose the Government could use the money right about now but i don’t intend to reward them for this mess they have gotten us all into lately with my life savings. The truth is the charities are more in need of our donations since this economic mess was created than they are.

You can easily update your will to include charities and should do so sooner than later. Give back a little or alot it all will help and you may change and benefit many lives with your donation and after all isn’t that what life is for? You know the old saying “you can’t take it with you” , well i guess you could but it would get crowded.

Sometimes it takes thinking about our own mortality to begin to focus on how we wish to be remembered. Its so easy to be consumed with ourselves , our businesses and our lives that we miss out on helping others.Something that has brought me a great sense of joy previously missing in my life. The good news obviously is that we can start on that path of touching many now while we are living, as well as take care of them when we have past on. Be remembered fondly by helping others if you can. You won’t regret it in fact you will seek out more opportunities to share your knowlege as well as the opportunity to care for others. Be Well.


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