Star Trek Funerals – Futuristic Burial Options

Some fun burial options coming of age. Funerals should be celebrations of one’s life and are a final opportunity to impart some of your personality on those whose lives you have touched and more pop culture funerals are heading our way.

The Final Frontier Casket - Star Trek
The Final Frontier Casket – Star Trek

Well I will be the first to admit it, when i first saw Spock die in the “Wrath of Kahn” i knew then that the casket they used was the one i wanted for myself. For Spock’s funeral the equivalent of a burial at sea on our earth he was jetisoned from the Enterprise in what looked like a photon torpedo to me. This casket left an impression on me and i realized at that time that i wanted a modern casket when my time came.  Until recently the Star Trek Casket i wanted was just in my imagination and not available to the general public. Times have changed. You can get yourself or a loved one a Star Trek Casket or Star Trek cremation Urn very shortly from a company called Eternal Image. It was only a matter of time till more modern and stylish burial option surfaced as the boomers were never going to accept and non stylish exit. This is not Grandmas casket.

The Star Trek Casket does not come equipted with phasers or any computers standard but im sure givin enough time one could order one and have it completely customised. I suspect that more pop cultural type funeral options will surface in the near future as the baby boomers have their own style. Now i have a difficult decision.. before the Star Trek casket and urns were available my first choice was the Kiss Casket  now i have to decide between a Rock and Roll and a Sci Fi eternal resting place.

While the Star Trek casket is inspired by the casket used in the movie it is not a perfect recreation of the Spock coffin i suspect it is not capable of space travel nor being jettisoned from a space ship intact it does serve the purpose it was designed for and pays homage to the great original series. It is a welcome addition to our arsenal of Burial anf Funeral options. You only live once so make your funeral something that truly represents you and your life.


4 Responses to “Star Trek Funerals – Futuristic Burial Options”

  1. Devin J says:

    I love this I am a big Star Trek Fan and this almost makes me look forward to the “long voyage” . Spock got lucky who knows.

  2. says:

    Strangely I too am psyched about this casket. I think probably as a Trek fan we can relate to it and it offers me an odd sense of comfort. I will post the prices as soon as they are announced which shouldn’t be to long now.

  3. [...] they haven’t announced prices as of yet for this new funerary urn or their Star Trek Casket we recently featured.  My hope is that noone reading this will have the need for one too [...]

  4. Randy says:

    As a bid Trek fan i find it splendid that this Star Trek Casket is available as i Love the scene when Spock is shot out of the ship in a similar casket …..Hmmn i might just save up for this.

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