Video Memorials – Leaving Loved One’s Some Footage.

Video Memorials

Leaving a video message for a loved one is another benefit of the technological age in which we live. Like the 8mm film of the previous generations digital video allows us to leave a very nice record of ourselves personally behind for our loved ones and future generations. Also this medium is great for compilations of photos.

Take a little time and make your loved one’s a special message of love on video. This type of message is very comforting to those you leave behind and stands as a testament of your sensitivity and love for them. Make it a reassuring message of support and let them know you want them to carry on with life. This will help your loved ones to process your loss over time.

Memorial video services are common place now if your more comfortable hiring help but you can make yor own very easily and do so ahead of time when your still well and maybe even yearly to update your thoughts and have one ready just in case. Its best to prepare ahead of time for the sake of your loved ones.  Be well.


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