Diamonds from your DNA

diamondsOk people,  we recently wrote about making diamonds from your remains after your death in another article and were contacted by a company who were kind enough to inform me (don’t tell my wife) that you don’t have to die first to have a diamond made from your DNA as we reported . In fact all that is required is a lock of hair to have a genuine diamond made from the carbon you and I are made from. While i did promise to make myself into a diamond for my wife after i died i was not prepared for the possibility of doing it while i was alive lol. I will tell her soon that i can do this before dying so she doesnt get any ideas about accelerating my demise in order to get her one of a kind personal diamond made from my DNA.  DNA2diamonds is a company that makes GIA-certified diamonds that are equal in every way to an earth-mined diamond and i feel in many ways superior to earth mined gems in that there is no mystery in whether or not people were harmed or even killed in the process of mining the stones. These are not blood diamonds and so are slavery and torture free diamonds. In addition they are made from your own DNA so its a part of you that is turned into something beautiful and unique and are actual certified diamonds. The question is i suppose why do they mine diamonds at all anymore when a diamond can be made for you from you is so much more special. I suppose its to provide profits to Debeers.

Diamonds are indeed valuable, but perhaps not as valuable as the price often paid for them suggests. DeBeers, the world’s largest diamond dealer has about  4 Billion dollars of the gems stockpiled, naturally to keep prices high and keeps a consensus on demand with other mining and diamond dealers. This is accomplished largely by the global center of the diamond in Belgium, in a very small district known as the ‘Diamond High Council’  and where perhaps not coincidentally, the Russian Mafia has a significant presence. The Russian Mob often launders its drug money using… you guessed it…diamonds.  These machinations and arrangements are not unknown to the US.  No America is the worlds largest consumer of diamonds and over 10 billion dollars of illegal Diamonds have made their way out of the main diamond producing nations, Sierra Leone, Angola, Congo and Liberia. The US Government is fully aware of the source of this extremely lucrative illegal trade.  The Diamond Industry, not surprisingly, has stifled US legislation that would force a certification system on Diamonds sold in the US which would have compelled Diamond dealers to disclose the source of their diamonds, either legitimate or ill gotten. The source of the illegal gems would alarm many Americans and would force the dealers to come clean or see their sales plummet.  Many of the words biggest celebrities and Hollywood’s biggest actresses individually own millions of dollars in diamond jewelry, the same, celebrities that constantly harp on human rights abuses in the third world. This is not good and a clear manipulation by the big diamond players like Debeers.

From their website:

In life there are no two people alike. No pet as unique as your own.  No love greater than yours.  There is no one as distinctive as you.  Imagine being able to capture, in a DNA2Diamond, the very essence of what makes the person, the whole family, or pet you love unique.  A DNA2Diamond is created using the DNA signature carbon found in a lock of hair or cremated remains.  When you deeply love someone, you know what makes him tick, what’s “in her DNA.” Now you can wear it.

Your DNA2Diamond is available in the colors and passions of your life: Red, Yellow Green, or Cognac.  It is available in three of the most elegant and popular diamond cuts available today: Radiant, Princess and Brilliant.  DNA2Diamonds range in sizes from 0.25 carats to 2.0 carats.

I say stop the madness and have a Diamond made instead of buying them from the Debeers ,or the Mafia or a gem of unknown origin. Own it and know where its from or your not really living responsibly. Have a diamond made custom from one of the reputable companies and sleep better at night. You can have a diamond made from a loved pet as well.


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