Kiss Casket

The Kiss Kasket

Kiss Casket for the rockers funeral

Kiss Casket for the rockers funeral

The crowd roars ….the announcer is heard saying the words “The greatest band in the world KISS” the music rips through the arena.” I wanna rock and roll all night and party every day”  if this rings a bell then you know what I am talking about . The greatest band has made the greatest casket for the rocker in all of us. If you are the type of showman like the guys in the rock band Kiss are you may need the Kiss Kasket for your final appearance in this realm. With the boomers getting grey there are more option everyday outside of the traditional grandpa’s casket and this is one of my favorites. Kiss was my first concert when i was just a boy of 13 so i can relate to this option very well . Another burial option for us all to consider.

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