The Emergency Envelope

Do you have an emergency envelope?

Having your affairs in order is the responsible thing to do before you pass. Since most of us don’t know when that time will arrive. It only makes sense to prepare all the important info regarding the inevitable ahead of time. In addition to a will you should make it as clear and as easy on those you leave behind as you can. Some thing i learned from my mother who very responsibly has had an emergency envelope on the side of the refridgerator for years . In this envelope, in addition to some important information regarding her attorney and the location of her will and bank account info, she has a list of friends and family that she would like me to contact when she passes. This kind of information would be very difficult for me to know let alone find phone numbers and addresses for when i had to deal with so many difficult things relating to her burial and funeral. She has made this easier by compiling this information well ahead of time and including it in her “in case of emergency envelope.

In the kitchen clearly visible this envelope is seen by all. I live in a different state then my mom and have a different last name, should an emergency occur i might not be easy to find if a stranger were to discover my mother had died and they might not know how to contact me if my information were not found quickly and so on the fist page of her emegency instructions she clearly identifies me as the prime contact and her attorney as the second contact. There are so many thing you can include in the emergency envelope including your living will instructions should you be on life support from an accident.  Be kind to those you leave behind and don’t make them guess your wishes. Be responsible and make it clear who to contact as your family may not know all of your friends or friends you have lost contact with or may want to notify. You may have friends, schoolmates and even military buddies from before your children were born.Also you may want to include the location of any money or treasures you might have stashed away that no one is aware of so they don’t lose out on it.

Also include an entry in your cell phone under ICE (in case of emergency) which emergency workers now commonly check for.

So do yourself and your family a favor and make an emergency envelope today.


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