Handcrafted Caskets and Urns from Trappist Monk Caskets

Monks Casket oakConsider a fine hand crafted wooden casket made by Monks in the US..

Trappist Caskets is a work of the monks of New Melleray Abbey. Along with prayer and study, casket-making is an extension of their sacred work. Their philosophy calls for them to labor quietly with their hands in support of their life of simplicity. With this philosophy they bring old world craftsmanship and sensible prices to fine wooden caskets.Along with traditional caskets the Monk’s produce a line of old world style caskets and a Notre Dame line as well.

From their website: “As Trappists, we are committed to responsible stewardship. Our methods are aimed at preserving the world as God made it. We use wood of local origin – much of it coming from our own prized forest, which is managed to be a sustainable eco-system. We plant a tree in our forest in honor of each person who is buried in a Trappist Casket.”

Casket Blessing

Knowing that all caskets purchased with crosses are constructed in the prayerful environment of New Melleray Abbey and personally blessed by one of the monks is often a source of comfort and consolation to those who are mourning the loss of a loved one.

The monks view casket making as a corporal work of mercy. Each casket and urn is blessed by a monk-craftsman. Here, the life of prayer is imparted into manual labor as we strive to observe the call to “pray without ceasing”.

From their site: “A mass will be offered in our church in memory of each person who has used a Trappist casket or urn, and their name will be inscribed in our Memorial Book.”

Notre Dame Caskets and Urns for Alumni and Families.

NotreDame_openTrappist Caskets, in partnership with the University of Notre Dame, now offers an exclusive line of custom-designed caskets and urns for Notre Dame alumni and their families.All Notre Dame caskets, urns, and register books come with an engraved seal authorized by the University of Notre Dame register_bookNotre Dame. Included in the purchase of a casket or urn is a complimentary Guest Register Book and four family keepsake crosses. These keepsake crosses are in addition to the removable cross that comes on the lid of each casket and urn.These products are available only to Notre Dame alumni and their families

More info on these handcrafted and blessed caskets and urns including ordering information can be found on the Monks’s site here-


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