Preplan and Prepay Your Funeral

largelily casketToday, more and more people are changing the way they think and find that it makes a lot of sense to pre-arrange their funeral or join a prepayment plan. Throughout our lives we plan for almost every financial eventuality we may face – pre-arranging and prepaying our funeral can also help to relieve your family of emotional and financial worries when the time comes.Pre planning your funeral is very commonplace nowadays ,In the United States, the numbers represent over 40%.

Thinking about your own funeral plans may seem odd to some but it is on the increase as a practice. More and more people are realising just how helpful it will be for a grieving and stressed family to know the funeral wishes of their loved one.

You can have the peace of mind that your wishes are known and that you have made arrangements for them to be carried out. As many funeral directors will tell you, it is not unusual for the grieving family to be unaware of the deceased’s funeral wishes. Pre-arranging and prepaying your funeral means your wishes about how you’d like things to be at your funeral are known and are respected and carried out.image_coffin_design

Benefits of preplanning

  • Have peace of mind that your wishes are known and arrangements are in place for them to be carried out.
  • Pre-paying all or part of your funeral service expenses relieves your family of financial burden.
  • In some instances, funeral directors may inflation proof all or part of their services to provide an even greater level of assurance for the future.
  • You and your family can be sure your final wishes will be carried out by a caring funeral professional.

Financial Aspect

As in all things, our choices may be determined by the costs involved and the cost of a funeral does depend on the choices made. Your funeral director will be able to explain the costs of a funeral to you. It is important for you to let your funeral director know if you have financial constraints so they can work with you and ensure your funeral costs do not get overwhelming.

It is important to remember when planning a funeral that the funeral account is made up of a number of costs.

Firstly there is the funeral director’s fee, called a professional service fee. This fee includes

  • taking instructions from the family
  • transporting the deceased
  • preparing, embalming and casketing the deceased
  • arranging the service
  • printing the service sheets
  • liaising with the florist, minister or celebrant
  • organising newspaper notices
  • liaising with the council regarding a burial plot
  • liaising with a crematorium
  • providing authorities with the death certificate and burial/cremation information

This fee also covers premises, vehicles, staff salaries and the need to provide a 24 hour service.

Other costs contributing to a funeral account are the costs associated with a burial (such as the purchasing of a plot) or a cremation.

pohutukawaThe account also includes disbursements and other charges which may include church/venue fees, doctor’s certificates, catering; service sheets; minister or celebrant; flowers; newspaper notices; organist, interment fees, DVD presentations/recordings, memorial books and death certificates. These costs are usually paid by the funeral director on behalf of the family and the cost then passed on to the family.

Plan it ahead and have it your way.


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