After Death Activities

a heartAfter Death Activities.

Yes that is what you read. If you are able financially you can be active after your death with a little fore planning. What I speak of is of course not literal but figuratively. Take some time when your relaxing one day and think of what you might like to organize or donate to in your name and ways you can make a difference when you have moved on. For instance one can easily make donations over time to any charity or sponsor a scholarship for years to come if you take the time to set it up now or to commence upon your death. It doesn’t have to be a lot of money either as long as you take the administration costs into account you can send a few hundred here a few hundred there set it up for monthly payments or one time donations. Surprise a loved one with a gift a month after you pass letting them know you love them and miss them too. Send a few thousand to that nice waitress who brought you coffee every morning and could really use it. Everyone’s situation is different but you see the point you can impact peoples lives after your gone with just a little planning and thought. I keep a list of people i want to thank for their kindness and help by leaving them something that can make a difference. You can do the same with letters and cards if money is not in your arsenal. But think of others and acknowledge those that make your day to day life enjoyable as well as family and friends. These are good after death activities that you can plan and even enact while still alive.You can be as active or more active after death than you may have been while living. It is your legacy to build if you take a minute you will find the people and organisations that matter to you. The list can include 1000 people ….. or as few as one but be as generous as you can comfortably.


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