Launch Your Remains Into Deep Space with the Voyager Service

Space Memorial ServicesVoyager Service

It is now possible to take off for the stars after you die. You can make arrangements for yourself or a loved one and join the pioneers already in space like Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, his wife, actress Majel Barrett Roddenberry – “The First Lady of Star Trek” – and James Doohan – “Scotty” – who have already been launched on a special Star Trek-dedicated mission into deep space, thus fulfilling Majel Roddenberry’s dream of journeying through space with her husband and creative partner.

The Voyager Service launches Celestis flight capsules and modules on a voyage through deepest space, leaving the Earth-Moon system on a permanent celestial journey.

The Voyager Service is expected to launch its first mission in 2012, perhaps aboard a spacecraft being developed by Space Services, Inc. that will fly to the L1 point and serve as an early warning system for dangerous solar storms.

Voyager missions truly offer an opportunity to be at one with the cosmos, on a mission of exploration and expands our burial options further. If you are looking for a unique memorial service and have the means ….by all means visit and get your spot reserved. For a funeral , well more a memorial service in space with your cremation ashes,the rates are reasonable from around $12,000 to upward of $50,000 ,and they also offer opportunities to ride along to the moon as well and be landed on the moon affixed to the spacecraft permanently.

A friend pointed out as far as the odds go ….you are possibly more likely to be resurrected and cloned by aliens this way than with your regular memorial or traditional resting place but i feel this would just be part of the adventure if it were to come to that eventuality.  For all the explorers and inventors, Astronauts and pilots, adventurers and thrill seekers this might be just what it called for. Burial in Space is an adventure some won’t want to pass up for their memorial service and a great choice for a final resting place The final frontier?


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