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casket kitThis gets a little tricky according to where you live and the local requirements so check first before building your own. It would seem that every man should have the right to build his own casket or coffin I think that’s only right.

Make your own Casket—  More and more people , especially those with a woodworking hobby or background, are building there own caskets, building your own caskets has rewards that only doing something yourself imparts. Something to consider along with your other burial options.

There are some kits available if you do not feel like feeling your own tree and starting from scratch. The old addage applies here i suppose …if you want something done right do it yourself.

  • Do-it-yourself coffins for pets and people, Woodcraft, P.O. Box 1686, Parkersburg, WV 26102-1686, 800-225-1153.
  • There are directions in Ernest Morgan’s book “Dealing Creatively with Death,” available through our bookstore or in most libraries.
  • Rockler Woodworking and Hardware has an excellent range of casket-building resources—plans, hinges, clasps, etc. Check out their web site.
  • Kent Casket Industries ships pine caskets overnight, anywhere in the U.S. The basic model costs $420 plus $47 for ground shipping or $139 for overnight to anywhere in the US. The pine caskets have no oils or varnishes, and come with rope handles. Shipped flat, they assemble easily. Order online at, or call 888-534-7239.
  • Ark Wood Casketsflat pack casket kit
    4860 Hwy 66
    Ashland, OR 97520
    Web site
    Simple, collapsible six-piece wood caskets. Ships flat. Goes together in 15 minutes. Dovetail construction; no dowels or nails. Rope handles. $599
  • Casket Kits
    George Kinakin & Associates
    Site 23 Comp. 24 RR#2
    Nelson, BC V1L 5P5
    E-mailThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
    Solid pine kits complete with all hardware and bedding. Assemble in less than 1 hour. $450 U.S. Ship anywhere in mainland USA, between $35-$80. Discount for FCA members.
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