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dancof danish paper coffinThe Dancof Chest -Paper Pulp Coffins and Urns

“Green Burials” and funerals are all the rage with the departing masses. Why poison the planet for everyone else just because we have to go? Is the question being answered by another entrant into the casket and coffin arena. With this new burial option we now have available to us a paper casket made from recycled pulp and customizable to a certain extent as well with color choice and handle choices. Dancof Chests as they are called ,are being manufactured, by this Danish coffin company. Reducing excess non renewable material make these caskets very light and green as well …did we mention low cost as the final incentive to consider the Dancof Chest as another sensible burial option to consider. While an urn is available too I for one would not want to give my kids a lightweight urn that looks like it be used as a replacement football to kick me around in…. I think I prefer a heavy urn material like rock or brass or wood or maybe silver. Visit – Dancof Chests

Dancof UrnDanCof chests come in different styles / shapes and colors.When production begins, you will here on the site could design your own coffin. First you will be able to choose what form your coffin must have.Next, you could choose the color that suits you best. You could compose your chest with a different color for the bottom and lid, or you can choose to keep it in one color.’Feet’ and the handle is then chosen, also in the desired color. The handles consist of a long continuous tube. The tube can be removed, and then relatives at the funeral / burial write their autograph on it, and the pipe can then be saved to commemorate the day of the bereaved.Would you like an ornament on your chest, you will have the opportunity to choose from many different. You will be able to choose the color of it, and its location on the coffin.The final element that will make your chest unique is a name plate, where you for example. can write the name and social security number.Once you have compiled your chest, you could see it in 3D and rotate it around so you can see it from all sides.


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