the Neptune Society Columbarium – San Francisco

the Neptune Society Columbarium – San Francisco | Sweet Burial Option

columbarium-San FranciscoThe Columbarium cremation burial option – The Neptune Society own and operate the landmark Neptune Society Columbarium, the only active non-denominational cemetery in the City of San Francisco and as you can see an architecturally significant building. The Neptune Society of Northern California was founded in 1973 to give individuals who wished to be cremated a way to express their preference with certainty and dignity.The Columbarium was dedicated in 1898, the Neptune Society Columbarium is one of San Francisco’s most prized architectural treasures. After a 1930’s era edict from the city of San Francisco mandated the closure and removal of all of its cemeteries, the Columbarium was the sole surviving cemetery property available to people of all faiths. Located in the Richmond District, the Columbarium and the adjacent Franciscan Room and Fountain Court are still the only active non-denominational cemetery properties in the city of San Francisco.

In the 1980′s, the Neptune Society of Northern California took stewardship of this historical treasure. After extensive renovation, the Columbarium is once again a gleaming example of neo-classical splendor. Long established as the final resting place of choice for the city’s elite, walking through the Columbarium is like reading an epic historical novel with each personalized niche a unique chapter.

Space is still available in the Columbarium, Good News if you would like to take advantage of the historical and columbariumunique burial option. Go take a tour if your in the Frisco area. The Columbarium is open to visitors Monday through Friday from 8:30AM to 5:00PM – Saturday and Sunday from 10:00AM to 3:00PM.

All in All a sweet final resting place which honors your cremation choice in a fabulous museum like surroundings. I find the thought of this particular Columbarium seems so right Id like to see more of these and so we will seek them out and bring them to you here at

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