Bio-Cremation A New Environmental Alternative to Burial or Cremation for your Loved Ones

resomatorLooking for an environmental alternative for burial or cremation for your loved ones? 

Have you considered Bio-Cremation, (not to be confused with Bio-Creation), which is marketed as Resomation in the UK.

Bio-Creation is a whole other thing.  That is the process of creating a human being from scratch without the help of the Creator or the normal way of creating a new human being.  I think most of it is done in a laboratory.  Sounds familiar????
Bio-Cremation is exactly like regular cremation until the point where the coffin is taken away from view.  At that point the coffin goes into the Bio-Cremator and using a water and alkali based method, also known as alkaline hydrolysis, the body is broken down chemically.  This process normally takes 2 to 3 hours (the same length of time that a cremation would take).  Once completed, a sterile liquid and bone ash remain.  The sterile liquid is returned to the water cycle (I hope it’s sterile) and, as in cremation, the bone ash remains are placed in an urn and returned to loved ones.
There are benefits to Bio-Cremation.  When substituted for cremation, the funeral’s emissions of greenhouse gases are reduced by 35%.  And the energy needed for the Bio-Cremation process (in the form of electricity and gas, is less than one-seventh of the energy required for a cremation.  In the UK, up to 16 percent of all mercury is estimated to be emitted from crematoria because of the fillings in teeth.  However, Bio-Cremation produces no airborne mercury emissions.  Tough luck for you people who want a free high.
The sterile liquid (so they say) is safely (so they say) returned to the water cycle free from any traces of DNA.  Bio-Cremation has the potential to ease the pressure of burial space which, in many countries, is in short supply.  Maybe if the wars going on in some countries were settled, there would be adequate burial space for everyone.
FYI this process is already regulated in some states in the USA through Matthews Cremation and is in the process of being regulated in others.

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  1. Libby G. says:

    Sounds better than regular cremation and no fire ….it sound more like a dissolving bath. I think I might prefer it if the costs are similar.

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