The Star Trek Cremation Urn Boldly Holds The Departed Star Trek Fan. Still Available

The Star Trek Cremation Urn


The Star Trek Cremation Urn is still available through a new distributor at for $597 us.It seems as though the original providers eternal image have gone out of business but we are still luckily able to procure this beautiful Star Trek Urn from a new site .Well upon closer inspection we can buy a cheaper knock off of the original. While they also carry a line of Star Trek Caskets …they are the cremation caskets and do not carry the premium Star Trek Casket that eternal image company used to carry and upon comparison between this photo and the photo on the site we can see the original Star Trek Urn pictured here is of higher quality than the one being offer by We will report if we can find a distributor of the original.But we can be thankful for the little things as our much sought after Star Trek Cremation Urns are still available as of August 2012 if not in a lesser form.

This beauty could proudly be displayed on any mantle and would clearly represent the occupants forward thinking outlook during life. Now they can boldly go where no living man has gone before them.

“The STAR TREKā„¢ Cremation Urn features a bold design reminiscent of the 24th century styling of the United Federation of Planets and Starfleet. Star Trek Cremation Urns have been available since 2009.

The STAR TREK Cremation Urn is made from 23rd Century stainless steel and wood design; made for a true fan and will become a family heirloom for generations to come. Featuring a Trademark Starfleet Delta Insignia.
The Star Trek urn comes with an empty plaque which you see in the picture. You have the option of engraving the plaque (you can send the plaque off to be engraved or have it locally engraved).
Bottom opening base. Now Available from


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