Is it a Coffin or a Coffee Table?

coffee table coffin / dual useIts Both!  a Coffin and a Coffee Table!

This great coffee table/coffin by Casket Furniture is in fact both. The reasoning behind the dual use furniture is the belief that paying for a coffin that has a one time use is not particularly a good value. Who could argue that in the economic times we live in. A better value is a casket with a useful life, in this case as a coffee table, that in the end serves you a final bonus as your coffin. This way you extract the value by the dual function and the savings of one less furniture purchase.  A sound investment on sale now at $508 we here at love it and hope to see more creative ideas like this propagate in the future.  Time for a new coffee table that is also a great burial option?

We have got you covered check it out >  Coffee Table Coffin MHP The Naite Coffin Coffee Table

Also we think this could make a nice wood finishing or decorating project for those inclined to do so.


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