The Diamant Coffin – Burial Options with a Modern Design Twist

Diamant Coffin

Diamant Coffin – Stylish Modern Scandinavian Coffin

The Diamant Coffin – A Stylish Modern Twist for a Burial Option.

Scandinavian Modern Coffins – Beautiful Sleek and Stylish

In 2009 Tommerup Kister entered into a relationship with world-renowned Danish design company, Jacob Jensen Design. The idea was to bring
together 100 years of funeral directing experience with the absolute cutting edge of Scandinavian design. To celebrate the company’s centennial
in 2010, Tommerup Kister wanted to launch a new and unique coffin in a field bound by tradition.

The result is a line of universal, timeless coffins and urns which present a marked break with the past while continuing a tradition. In the Diamant
Series form and emotion unite to provide a dignified farewell.

Jacob Jensen Design found inspiration in the shape of a diamond. A symbol of the perpetual, pure and noble. The highest point on the coffin is in line with
the heart of the deceased; the coffin’s top surface is such that a single flower can be placed exactly there.

With clear lines and contrasting light and dark tones we have unmistakably the Jacob Jensen fingerprint. Light plays in the classic facets of the diamond,
and despite sharp edges the coffin attains a harmonious sculptural expression. It becomes an elegant monument in itself without the
need of extra adornment. The coffin exudes a classic purity and a sense of restfulness.

Beautiful Modern Coffin Design- Diamant Coffin

All models are upholstered with cotton.

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